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Lead Generation Problems

The DA is a video first, lead generation service.
You pay for the leads, opportunities and sales our campaigns generate.

Close More Deals

“It took a lot of stress off me. It allowed me to focus on my business.”

Mark Perry – Holborn Assets
Pension Transfer Specialist

We provide “on-demand” marketing campaigns and custom sales funnels designed to increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost sales.

Our Clients

Reach Prospects

Our turnkey, video first marketing campaigns generate quality leads, fast.

Sell More

Use video to deliver your benefits more effectively and accelerate your sales cycle.

Grow Faster.

Invest Smarter.

Work with us and get ahead of the competition with on-demand “video first” lead generation campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing companies, you pay us based on the leads, opportunities and sales our campaigns generate.

Get a Free Video Marketing Lead Generation & ROI Strategy

Consultants to numerous Profit 500 companies, let us share the formula for generating more leads, increasing revenue and accelerating your sales process using video marketing.

Here’s What I’m Going to Give You

1. Market Size Analysis

A market size analysis based on your ideal client profile and sales territory.

2. Monthly Lead Forecast

A proven framework to forecast the number of leads, opportunities and sales you can expect.

3. ROI Calculation

The Return on Investment a video marketing campaign can generate for your business.

Reasons Why You Need to Work with The DA

On demand, turnkey lead generation

Unique pay on performance model

Access to decision makers

Get attention, influence and build trust

Lead quality guarantee

Qualified leads delivered to your inbox


Leverage video to transfer information more effectively

Comprehensive reporting


Accelerate your sales process

“Passionate about their work, they really care about my success”

(Mark Perry – Holborn Assets)

“Creative with a thirst for results. If you have a chance to work with them. Take it”

(Allison Bryce – The Magnes Group)

“One of the most effective and creative companies around. They deliver. I would recommend to anybody looking to grow their business”

(Paul Maranger – The Trilogy Team)

We help clients make more money

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