The Digital Activist

A Digital Agency, Sales Enablement & Video Production Company in One

We blend compelling story telling, stylish video production with smart and targeted distribution strategy. We are known for making beautifully effective sales and marketing video content for some of the best brands around.

An experienced band of creatives, directors and strategist - we get results. Our vision is to be the most creative, effective and fun company you ever worked with.    

Companies That We Have Worked With

Actua, Autotrader, Century Bank, Inflow, ING, Loblaw Companies Limited, Nivea, Rogers, Target, The United Way, Toyota, Van City Credit Union, Volkswagen


Our video marketing plans incorporate audience, competitive and industry research.  


One-of-a- kind storytelling that enable brands to have deeper engagements with customers


Stunning and cinematic videos to interact with your audience and inspire them to convert


Best in class analytics expertise, inform, maximize and accelerate sales and marketing performance

We are passionate about what we do. Have a look at  our work

We Give Your Sales & Marketing People Super Powers

We provide marketing teams a competitive edge with our insight, tactical planning and creativity.  Working across a multi-channel landscape we plan strategic campaigns, create engaging content and measure ROI to deliver game-changing results. Our sales enablement videos have the potential to have a significant impact on ROI.  We help sales teams shorten sales cycles, increase average deal sizes and improve their close rates. Video helps your salespeople focus on what matters most, moving prospects through your sales process.

We Believe a Successful Video is Driven By…

#1  Understanding your customer journey

#2 See the world through their eyes

#3 Identify their challenges, goals and needs

#4 Understand the brands role

#5 A well-considered distribution strategy 

"Video is a mega trend, in a decade, video will look like as big a shift in the way we share and communicate as the way mobile has been"

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook
Co Founder & CEO