"The Real Voyage of Discovery Consists Of Not In Seeing New Landscapes, But In Having New Eyes"


Sales is Changing

Sales is changing.

Because being a sales professional means constantly trying to change everybody and everything around us.

Yet often, we don’t succeed in sales because we ourselves, fail to change. Or we go looking for change in all the wrong places.

In my experience, if you want to be a successful in sales we don’t necessarily need to learn more. On the contrary, what we need to do is unlearn what we already know.

The purpose of this blog is about discovering a more human way to sell.

The foundation for this is building trust, cultivating deeper connections and inspiring people to act.It’s also about seeking continuous improvement in the form of new technology, process and training.

I have had an extremely successful sales career. I’ve also experienced crushing disappointments.

These highs and lows come with the territory. And they made me better. Twenty years in the trenches gave me the perspective I needed and helped me shape a sales philosophy I can believe in.

My goal is to share this knowledge with you and help you get where you need to go faster. If I can help transform your business, to encourage change and guide your success, my work will be done.

If you’re a curious, thirsty and responsible for generating revenue, this blog is for you. Stick around for a while, ask questions and come to your own conclusions.

Sales Fuels Business Forward

This blog is for me (and people like me).

Fellow sales professionals.

Leaders, dreamers, grafters, artists, strategists, creators, explorers, mentors and occasionally revolutionaries.

We are the first ones over the hill. Always.

We set the standards. We never coast.

We take risks. Then we double down.

We inspire, we educate, we constantly learn.

We produce but rarely consume.

We are diplomats one day, insurgents the next.

In our world there is nowhere to hide because numbers never lie.

We duck and weave. We roll with the punches.

Our word is our bond. And our livelihoods.

We are the rocket fuel that propels business forward.

Without us, nothing happens.